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Q. 1 : I don┬┐t have an UID Number. Is it OK if I do not fill it ?

Ans. : UID is not a mandatory field at this moment. You can add it as and when you get it.

Q. 2 : Which parameter do you use for tracking ? Is it the Firm name?

Ans. : It is the registration Number of architect / Firm in case of Architects.

Q. 3 : What is the Registration Charges to be paid? Are the charges to be paid every year?

Ans. : Rs. 10,000 per year is a registration charge for Architect/ Developer.

Q. 4 : How can I pay the Registration Charges and Scrutiny Fees?

Ans. : Above charges are paid either by e-gateway payment or by Manual challan as usual.

Q. 5 : Is the Registration separate for Developers and Architects?

Ans. : Yes.

Q. 6 : Once I fill in details of a fresh proposal do you allot any number as confirmation?

Ans. : Temporary no will be given online to the Architect as soon as he submit his Proposal.

Q. 7 : What about proposals which are under process in the TP Department ? Do we have to File these again online?

Ans. : The Proposal submitted earlier on AutoDCR can be viewed through this web portal.

Q. 8 : Q. In case of any query/problem in filing online whom can I contact ? Can I have the email ID, Name and mobile number?

Ans. :

Q. 9 : In case I make a genuine mistake in filing details of the proposal, how can I rectify the error?

Ans. :

Q. 10 : Q. Once I have filed online, do I need to submit a copy of the same in the TP Department?

Ans. : Document which are require to submit in original format as per sanction TMC DC rule is to be Submitted in hard copy to the department.

Q. 11 : Q. After what date will you not permit Manual Filing of Building Proposals?

Ans. :
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