About e-DTS

e-File/ Document Tracking System is completely web based application which can track movement of all the files/documents of TDO Department and important communication can be done online through it.
Features:- a) It has a unique feature of having action categories like approved, Pending, Rejected, On hold, Rejected and returned etc so that at a single click the status can be updated.
b)   It auto-generates a unique number for each document and by looking at the
      number it can be known about the generator, his department and the date
      of creation.
c)   Every user gets a unique User Id and Password and he is assigned a role. All
      the roles are according to respective departmental rights so as to maintain
      the secrecy.
d)   System can restrict the users from seeing the files, which he / she is not
      authorised to.
e)   This e-Governance initiative is self sustaining and has got no financial
      burdon to the Corporation.
It is proposed with a vision of bringing transparency in the working at Town Development Office(TDO).
It is aimed to provides the citizens with correct and authenticated information about the property and
Development Plan (DP) of Thane City. Portal will give a facility to Architects and Developers for registration
and architects can submit their building proposals online using AutoDCR software.

Key Benefits to Architects and Develpers

a)    The status of the proposals can be known from Architects individual portal
b)    Architects can send inquiries and attachments of drawings, documents to    
       the TDO.
c)    Developer can even publish advertisements of their schemes on the portal
       with on a chargeable basis for limited period.
d)    Architect will get a link to AutoDCR Console from where he can
       submit a new proposal, TDR, get status of existing ones etc.

Benefits to Citizens:-

What does a citizen get from the portal?
a)    Online search for proposals statuswise including TDR proposals.
b)    Online forum for any query to TMC ¿ TDO Dept.
c)    Do¿s and Don¿ts for citizens while buying a scheme / House or a plot.
d)    Protects buyers from buying unauthorized and unsanctioned purchase.
Citizens can be a part of forum and share their views, complaints and suggestions
with the Department so as to bring them closer to each other.

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