About Town Planning Department,Thane

The Town Planning Department is one of the wings under Thane Municipal Corporation and works directly under Municipal Commisssioner,Thane.
Main Functions of Town Planning Department :-
1.To Implement Development Plan for Thane City.
2.To give approvals to Building / Development Plan or Proposal as per sanctioned
   Development Control Rules.
3.Acquisition of Reservation, Roads Widening as per Development Plan.
4.To Implement Slum Re-development Scheme (SRD) for Slum.

Due to increase in the urbanisation, demand for housing is increasing. Compared to nearby suburbs, housing in Thane City is cheaper. As infrastructure facilities available in Thane are better, it has become the preferred destination for people so far as their first homes are concerned.

As the demand for housing is increasing day by day, various developers keep on launching new projects in the city. To bring in transparency and authenticity about the project approvals Thane Municipal Corporation has decided to launch e-DTS (Electronic-Document Tracking System) wherein stakeholders can check at various stages of project approvals, architects can submit proposals online and download the Development Plan (DP) from Town Development Department website www.tmctp.com

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